Samsung Galaxy S8 - Everything you should know

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Samsung Galaxy S8 - Everything you should know

With the large amount of rumours from around the internet it is hard to see what is going on, but we have compiled a shortened version for you that will cover all aspects.

The new flagship model from Samsung is rumoured to be a big step up from the S7 model in almost every aspect. The Samsung Galaxy S7 which was a really good phone is set to be improved on in the S8. The official unveiling of the phone will happen on March 29th. The phone is likely to be released on April 21th and will cost around $850 (£650/AU$1100). The release date is slightly delayed as compared to other releases from Samsung but this can have a whole set of reasons, from trying to get the best spec into the phone, to testing the batteries so there are no repeats of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disasters.

What should we expect from Galaxy S8?

There has been much talk as to what will go into the phone. The main rumours are that it will have the new AI assistant, no physical home button and a rear mounted finger print scanner. There has also been some talk about the dual lens camera and an upgraded screen. Overall the phone is an upgrade to all systems in the Galaxy S7. It also looks like the handset may be slightly larger, and offer a much bigger screen as well, especially if the home button has indeed migrated inside the screen.

There will be two sizes from the phone with the exact dimensions are still to be confirmed but the expectations are that it will have options of 5.5-inch size and 6.2 inch.

So let’s take a closer look at what is inside the new phone.

The Power

The new flagship phone is set to be faster with the new Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset that is running at 3.2GHz. This chipset is also based on a 10nm manufacturing process meaning that the power consumption of the device will be lower as well. However there are also rumours that the Galaxy S8 will run the 3GHz Exynos 8895 processor in some regions, in the same way that it did with the Galaxy S7. This chipset is also on the 10nm process but is manufactured by Samsung itself. This may mean that some of the handsets will come with the Exynos chipset and some with the Snapdragon. Generally the Snapdragon chips are made for the US and the rest of the world will receive a mix between the two.

Another thing that will get upgraded is the RAM, it is rumoured to have 4GB of RAM but some sources say it can go up to as high as 6GB. We think that the phone will have at least 4GB of RAM but there is a chance that it will go up to 6GB.

The Screen

The screen is going to get a major overhaul as well. There are many rumours that it will go up to as high as 4k on the screen. This is due to the fact that Samsung is pushing into VR and would like to have a standout handset to aid them in their cause. Samsung Display has shown off their new 5.5-inch 4k display with a resolution of 2160 x 3840, but there is no guarantee that this screen will make it into the Galaxy S8.

There were many rumours that the screens can come in 5.2-inch and 5.5-inch sizes so it is not clear as to what kind of screen the Samsung will have.

One thing that is more likely to be true is the fact that Samsung may remove the Edge versions and make them as standard on all versions of the phone.

The smartphone is also likely to feature the Always On Display, a feature that arrived with the Galaxy S7 and was improved on in the Note 7. If they improve it further we may be able to see many more features added to it, like custom app icons added to the display when the phone is off.

We are not sure what Samsung will do with the screen, so it will all depend if they decide to advance the mobile VR or not. They may just opt for the regular Quad HD Super AMOLED screen.

The Camera

It looks like there are just slight improvements from the already great camera. The rear facing camera which is a 12MP and f/1.7 aperture was already great in low light conditions. Samsung will as always improve on the software which is where the manufacturer was always strong in, so it should bring even better photos than before. This may yet be the best mobile phone camera that is available at release.

There are many rumours that Samsung has been working on dual-lens rear camera technology for a while but the leaked design plans do not seem to have the dual-lens design in mind, however this can all chance in the last moment.

One big overhaul that is likely to be made is the front facing selfie camera. It looks like the camera will be upgraded to the 8MP and may have autofocus features as well. One thing that still remains a question is whether the front facing camera will have a flash to improve low light performance.

The Battery

For the most part the battery does not look like it will receive a major overhaul, but it will have QuickCharge available and the sizes are set to remain fairly similar to the S7 handset. In a recent leak about the battery it looks like the battery sizes will be 3,250mAh and 3.750mAh for the 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch phones, respectively.

If Samsung chooses the new 10nm processes for the phone, the small increase in size will not matter as the new processors are going to be far more power efficient. This will mean that the phones will last longer despite the lack of battery capacity increase. There were also rumours that the phone will come with wireless and fast charging, however it is unlikely due to their history with the Note 7.

The Design

Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a similar design to the S7 with glass and metal body combined to create one of the most attractive handsets around. While people like to see changes, the design might be refined a bit, but will largely stay the same.

The main differences are likely to come with the finger print sensor being on the back and that it will have curved screens.

The phone will be water and dust resistant as its previous version.

The phone will likely feature USB type C connector on it following its debut on the Note 7, and it will have a microSD slot as well for expanded storage. It is unclear the this time if the manufacturer will get rid of the headphone jack and just offer an adapter that will fit in the USB slot.

Other Features

Some of the other features are rumoured that it will have an iris scanner and Viv AI assistant. Samsung has been working on creating the Siri like assistant but with more integration into various apps, giving more freedom of use for the software. The Viv AI assistant has since been confirmed that it will be released. The phone will also feature a refined Touchwiz interface, although many users would like to see stock android installed, but that is unlikely to happen.

The storage on the handset is also likely to have an upgrade to 64GB and 128GB versions. With the addition of the microSD slot this will make the phone have all the storage that you need.

To sum it up, the phone will be an upgraded version of the already excellent Galaxy S7. With many improvements across the board this phone is likely to become one of the best phones of 2017. The price on the phone is likely to be in the range of $850 (£650/AU$1100) making it slightly expensive. If you are looking into getting a new phone, we recommend waiting until the unveiling to decide if you want to get the S8 or go for one of the alternatives.