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iPhone Solutions - Faq

I am not able to activate my mobile phone, what do I do?

Please check if the Sim Card is inserted correctly into the mobile phone handset or not. Also make sure that the phone is fully charged. It may take upto 14 to 16 hrs for your phone to be fully charged for the first time.

What is the use of PIN?

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a security feature of your SIM card. It is given when you connect to a network. Activating your PIN can prevent your mobile phone number from being used if it is lost or stolen. If you wish to activate your PIN or change it you can do so by using the security feature on your mobile phone.

What is PUK?

PUK is Personal Unblocking Code. It is required when a security PIN has been entered incorrectly three times. Entering an incorrect PUK three times can permanently block the SIM Card in your mobile phone.

Who do I contact to get my phone unblocked?

You must contact your service provider to get the unblocking code.

Do you offer trade in facility for old mobile phones?

No we do not offer trade in facility for old mobile phones.

How can I cancel a Pay Monthly Contract on Mobile Phone?

Once you have placed an order and entered into a Pay monthly Contract, you can return the goods and cancel the order anytime within 14 days (7 days in case of T-mobile) from the activation date. If network 3 handsets are used in this period they are not returnable. However after the 14 days period, the customer will need to pay an amount equal to the monthly line rental for the remaining months of the contract as penalty, if he wants to terminate the contract on mobile phone.

Can I change the monthly tariff after signing up for an agreement?

You can migrate to a higher end tariff plan anytime after entering into a Pay Monthly agreement. However you cannot downgrade your tariff Plan for the 1st 6 months of your contract except Orange. After 6 months you will need to pay an amount equal to the difference in the line rentals of the two tariff plans for the remaining months.

Do I need to renew the contract after the 12 months contract?

No the contract would continue till the time you decide to cancel it.

Can I get a new mobile phone after 12 months (or after the completion of minimum contract term) on a Pay Monthly contract?

Once you have completed the minimum term of the Pay Monthly contract, you can call our customer services to upgrade and receive a new mobile phone handset. For some handset models you may need to pay a small amount as an upfront.

Why was my application for a Pay Monthly contract declined by the network?

The networks generally check the credit rating of every applicant to decide if they are eligible to receive a pay monthly contract mobile phone. The information for the Credit rating is taken from the databases of the credit reference agencies. 

How can I know the status of my order?

Normally the mobile phones are delivered within 1-2 days of purchase, but in some cases it takes a bit longer. In case you do not receive the package within 72 hrs, please give your seller a call to know the status of your package.

Can I have my goods delivered to an alternative address?

Normally we deliver the goods only at the registered address of the card holder. To have the goods delivered at an alternative address, we will need the proof of address for that particular address. This can be in the form of utility bill, electricity bill, address verification certificate from the employer etc. Please get in touch with your selected provider to arrange the required details.

Can I have a product delivered outside the UK?

We are able to deliver only to the UK addresses (including Northern Ireland).

Under what conditions will my delivery be delayed?

Most common reasons for the delay in delivery may be:

  • That the proofs which you provided to us are not acceptable/invalid.
  • That the credit / debit card details you provided are not valid.
  • That the mobile phone model which you ordered is out of stock.

In any case please contact the place you bought your mobile from to update the details and track the delivery.

Do I need to sign any document at the time of delivery?

YES, you will need to sign the proof of delivery before accepting the package. Please show your proof of address (e.g. utility bill) to the person delivering the package.

Who will deliver the package?

The deliveries are done by reputable companies like Royal Mail to deliver your packages. In all the cases Special delivery or its equivalent is used.

What happens if I am not in when the delivery arrives?

If you are not available to accept the package, the delivery man/woman will leave a calling card with a number for you to call. You can call on this number to locate your package. The package will be kept with the local depot of the courier service provider.

If you do not collect the package within next 4-5 working days, it is likely to be returned, please call the number on the card to track its location.

What do I do, if my mobile phone develops a fault?

In the case of a manufacturing defect (not an accidental damage), you are covered by manufacturer’s warranty. We will replace any faulty mobile phone within 28 days of connection once it has been successfully returned to us.

In case the phone is over 28 days of connection, you will need to contact the service provider or the manufacturer.

Under what conditions, a 14 day return will not be accepted?

We do not accept a return, if:

  • You have returned the package beyond the initial 14 day period.
  • One or more items are damaged.
  • One or more items are missing.

Who pays for the shipping cost of the returned products?

It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for the shipping cost of the returned product.

What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the process by which a customer can switch from one mobile phone network to the other and still retain the existing mobile number.

What is PAC?

PAC is Porting Authorisation Code. It is required to transfer your number from your current service provider to the new service provider. To get your PAC you need to contact your service provider.

How long does it take to transfer my number?

You will need to provide the PAC code to the new service provider within 7 days of receiving the package. Your number will be transferred in approximately 5 days after receiving the PAC code. In some cases this may take up to 4 weeks.

Can a pay as you go customer opt for a pay monthly phone and still retain the old number?

PAYG customers can migrate to Pay monthly contract of the same network, prior to migration network will run all the credit and verification checks once again. After successful completion of these checks customers will be migrated to the new contract.

What can be the reason for the current service to not issue the port authorisation code?

There can only be two reasons why a port authorisation code will not be issued:

  • If your number is disconnected.
  • Your current networks contractual obligations have not been completed.
  • If your network does not allow it.

How do I know how much I have to pay?

Based on your chosen tariff plan, every month you will receive a detailed bill. Here you can find the details related to the amount payable. Alternatively you can also contact the service provider’s customer service to get these details.

What would be the mode of payment for my monthly bills?

You will need to pay your monthly bills through Direct Debit.

Can I pay by Cash or Cheque?

No service providers do not allow Cash or Cheque payment facility for contract customers.

Who do I contact to get my phone unblocked?

If you put your PIN into your phone 3 times incorrectly, the SIM card will become blocked.
You must contact the company who bills you get the unblocking code.

Why doesn't the battery last as long as expected on my mobile phone?

To get the most out of your new battery charge it for at least 14 hours on the initial charge (do not exceed 24 hours). It will still take a further 3 charges before the full capacity of the battery can be achieved.

Only use the battery standby and talk time as a guide. These time are manufactures times and the optimum the phones can achieve. Frequently, these times are not likely to be acieved outside of laboratory conditions. Unfortunately, these are the only times available to us.

How do I replace my lost/stolen mobile phone if I have no insurance?

If you are still within the minimum agreement period or you have a pre-pay phone, you will have to buy a SIM free mobile phone. You will still be liable for a monthly line rental even if you do not have a mobile phone.

Who should I contact if my phone has been stolen?

Contact your service provider (billing company) immediately. They will put a bar on the phone to prevent any calls being made on your mobile number. If it is outside their office hours contact your network directly.

How can I rescue music from my phone?

There are many free tools that you can use to get your music and playlists back from your phone if you have a problem with your main computer. This is especially helpful if the music is from your own collection and was not downloaded from iTunes.